Airtec invented the Petrol Driven Impact Wrench in the mid 1970’s and since then have continually improved to ensure it remains the best of its kind in the World.

It is used by every major railway authority in Europe, North America, Australasia and in many countries in Asia for loosening/tightening all sizes of screwed fasteners.

The Master is easy to use and repair, is light, powerful and because it can loosen/tighten a fastener in under seven seconds generates low levels of hand arm vibration. We also developed a Quick Release Safety Auger Attachment which allows the Master to be converted into a Wooden Sleeper/Tie Drilling Machine.

Although used primarily for railway applications it is increasingly used by other industries e.g.

Trucking, Farming, Forestry, Scrap Metal Recovery and Steel Tower maintenance where it is difficult to use traditional sources of power.

We produced a new Trolley and supply a full range of accessories for use with the Master, details attached :-

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We stock a wide range of Impact Wrench Accessories :-

• Over fifty different sizes of Railway Quality Impact Sockets – Hexagon, Square, Bi-Square and Rectangular, Extensions, Universal Joints, Rubber Rings, Steel Pins, Maxi Clips.

• Auger Bits from 10 to 22mm dia. with European Hex and Graffenstaden shanks.

• Augering Attachments for Bits with European and American hex and Round Shanks.

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The Master Tool Carrier has three parts – Main Frame, Cross Support Bar and Wheel Assembly and can be easily and quickly assembled/dismantled.

Its use with the Master Impact Wrench reduces manual handling, improves operator comfort and increases productivity when replacing Chair/Lagscrews and Fishplate/Joint Bar Bolts.

Use on Standard Gauge and popular Narrow and Broad Gauge track by simply changing the Cross Support Bar.

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The Master 35 Anvil and Socket No Go Gauge was developed to help Fitters and Operators decide when to replace worn parts on 1" Square Drive Wrenches and Sockets, Extensions etc.

Using worn Sockets on a good Anvil and good Sockets on a worn Anvil creates extra vibration, causes damage to the Wrench and increases the time it takes to loosen/tighten fasteners.

If the gauge can be fitted over the Anvil or fully inside the Socket Square Drive they should be replaced.

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Switch tip alignment made simple and accurate without the need for tape measurements and calculation.

Targets supplied to suit 90mm and 255mm tip to bolt centre Targets for nose alignment using the fixed laser and rail dip using the adjustable laser are included in the kit.

Second adjustable laser can be set to the centre of the Large Target. Bringing the target to intermediate points will give an accurate measure of Dip for stone blowing or shovel packing.

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To provide our customers with the best quality, efficient and operator friendly Petrol/Gas Driven Impact Wrench in the world so there is a lower demand on the world's limited resources.

Continually improve on its quality, ease of maintenance and safety of the operator by reducing noise and vibration levels.

Supply Impact Wrenches, spare parts and consumables at a realistic price to provide a low total life cost.

We have manufactured and developed the Master 35 Petrol/Gas Driven Impact Wrench since its conception in 1975. It is continually being improved on so it remains an indispensable tool for quickly removing/fitting all types of fasteners and using our Safety Quick Release Augering Attachment for drilling holes in wooden sleepers/ties.

Local supply, repair and technical advice is provided through trained distributors located throughout Europe, America, Australasia and Asia.

The Master Wrench can be used for any application involving the fitting/removal of screwed fasteners in areas where it is difficult to provide a power source. Although used mainly for Railway Track Maintenance it has applications in farming, forestry, transportation, military and others.

We manufacture and supply from stock a full range of Railway Quality Accessories: Impact Sockets - for all types of Impact Wrenches and Track Screwing Machines - square, bi-square, hexagon and rectangular in many different sizes. Auger Bits in different lengths, shank types and diameters - for use on hard and soft timber. Please contact us for a free demonstration, quotation. samples or technical advice.